Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eurotrip - Turin Part 1

After traveling across the snowy Alps, I finally arrived in Turin in the early afternoon on Wednesday. Turin seems like it would be a wonderful place on a warm, summer afternoon; unfortunately, I arrived on the rainy, miserable day of December 10th. As the cheery, helpful women in the Turin information stand put it, “You picked the worst day to come to Turin!” Even though the weather was bad, it was a lot of fun getting off the beaten path and going to a non-touristy city (more than a few people in Rome asked me later, “Turin?? Why did you go to Turin??”).

One of Turin's attractions is its Egyptian museum, "home to the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts outside Cairo." So what? I live in Cairo.

Cold, wet, mucky, dreary day in Turin

selling umbrellas

One of Turin's main plazas

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