Thursday, December 4, 2008


Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to put up my pictures from my trip to the Siwa Oasis this past weekend. I'm leaving in 10 hours for Barcelona to begin my 10-day Eurotrip through Spain, France, and Italy.

Until I get back, I'll leave you with my best HDR of the trip and a little taste of the Siwa pictures to come.

This was from the top of Mt. Sinai (back in early October).

My friend took this picture of me getting good shots of the "Great Sea of Sand."

Silhouette shot over the lake at sunset.
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Tim said...

I was just trying to figure out if you had a tripod or not, I was thinking about getting you a gorillapod or something similar for xmas...but at least I don't have to find out sneakily since the one you already have showed up in your picture.

Jeff said...

no, i already have a gorillapod, but if you want to buy me a sweet telephoto lens, i wouldnt stop you...