Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eurotrip - Lyon, France Part 1

I arrived in Lyon, France (where my aunt and uncle live) on Monday, the last day of the Fête des Lumières (the Festival of Lights). The festival is a tribute to the Virgin Mary in thanks for saving Lyon from a terrible plague in the year 1643…or something to that effect.

My aunt, uncle and I rode the tram to the top of a hill above Lyon while waiting for the festival to start. There were a few interesting things on top of the hill, including a large church, a statue of Mary, and a Roman amphitheater (I can’t seem to avoid these, no matter where I go! It’s a reminder of how powerful and widespread the Holy Roman Empire once was).

The large church and gold statue on top of the hill

View of Lyon from the hill

Another city, another Roman amphitheater

This picture is just to mess with your minds. Although this looks pretty convincing, it is actually an intricately detailed miniature display in a window. Those chairs were less than two inches high!

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