Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eurotrip - Barcelona Part 6

After Tibidabo, we wandered around Las Ramblas and the Barrio Gotico for a while. I really wanted to go to a Chilean restaurant that I had heard about right near the port, but it was mysteriously boarded up, so we ended up back at the bocadillo place.

HDR of Gaudi's Casa Batllo at night

The Catalan people are incredibly patient. Numerous times I saw huge groups of people waiting for the cross light to change to walk even though there were no cars within miles! It struck me as very bizarre

I figured I had to see Gaudi's Parc Guel before I left, so I headed over there Monday morning before my flight to catch the sunrise, and then hopped on the “futuristic” train to the airport to Easyjet it over to Lyon.

HDR of Parc Guel at 7:50 AM

I thought the sun had already risen when it suddenly appeared in the one spot of the sky not blanketed by clouds. My big camera's battery was dead so I shot this with my little Kodak

I really felt at home here. Compared to the insanity that often comes with living in Cairo, Barca felt very familiar, though I did have the advantages of a working knowledge of Spanish and a great tour guide and fellow photo junkie to explore Barcelona with me.

Next stop: Lyon, France.

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