Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eurotrip - Lyon, France Part 2

As part of the festival, many of the historic buildings in central Lyon were lit up by various light shows and exhibitions. My camera was having strange auto-focusing issues, but here are my best shots. Keep in mind that despite my love affair with High Dynamic Range images, NONE of these pictures are HDRIs. This is how they actually looked.

A basilica all lit up with neon strobe lights

This was the most mentally stimulating part of the whole festival, a narrated light show on the four historic buildings in the square. People were packed in shoulder to shoulder in the frigid Lyon night, but it didn't even matter, because the show was so spectacular it was almost as if you didn't notice the cold. Except you did.

Again, not an HDR...incredible colors

This was the strangest of the exhibits...four figures lit up with different colors in a very isolated little square. Not too many people at this one!

Flying fish rotating around a fountain

Following the light show we went to a bouchon, a traditional restaurant in Lyon that specializes in strange dishes (like cow liver).

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