Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eurotrip - Barcelona Part 4 FC Barca vs. Valencia

Another lifetime goal can be checked off the list: going to an FC Barcelona home game at the Nou Camp.

On Saturday night, Eda and I went to the FC Barcelona vs. Valencia soccer game and sat 15 rows back from the field, directly behind a nice, talkative - if intoxicated - older Irish gentleman. He was explaining how he had bet his friend 200 Euros on the outcome of the match, but we couldn’t understand if the bet was that the final score would be 2-2, or just that 4 goals would be scored. He said that if he correctly predicted the end result, he would be up 600 Euros, otherwise he would come out even. Hmm, sounds to me like 60% of the time, his math works EVERY time. And Brian, that doesn't make any sense.

In front of the field before the game started

Unfurling of the FCB flag at the start of the game...couldn't quite capture it with my point and shoot camera

Here is the opening song:
From Eurotrip - Barcelona Part 3 - FC Barcelona vs. Valencia at the Nou Camp

The game itself was exciting for the first half, after which Barca was up 2-0. The second half was more subdued, even though Barca added 2 more goals as the Valencia players become increasingly frustrated (5 yellow cards!). It was clear by halftime that Barca was in control and wasn’t going to let the game slip away.

Thierry Henry had a fantastic game, scoring a hat trick.

And the song and celebrations at the end:
From Eurotrip - Barcelona Part 3 - FC Barcelona vs. Valencia at the Nou Camp

Barca merchandise on sale after the game

The strange thing is that the Irish guy in front of us never returned from halftime so we never knew if he won his bet or not. He probably got kidnapped by his bookie or something.

It wasn’t a thrilling 4-3 win or anything, but one can’t complain when a favorite team dominates a good opponent, let alone the 3rd best team in the league on points (Barca is 1st!)

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Eda said...

did you notice how weird that guy looks next to you in that shot of you in the stadium? he's really upset about his ticket... o shit! i'm in the THIRD TIER?? I THOUGHT IT WAS THE FIRST TIER! balls.