Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eurotrip - Barcelona Part 5

On Sunday, Barcelona decided to be even moodier. Eda and I took 3 different forms of transportation – metro, tram and funicular – up to the top of Tibidabo (a mountain north of Barcelona). In Latin, tibi dabo means “I will give it you,” and the legend is that the devil tried to tempt Jesus Christ with the glory of the whole world if Jesus would worship him.

This is an HDR of a building at the base of the tram.

A large church, the Temple de Sagrat Cor, sits on top of Tibidabo. I saw this church in the distance while wandering around near the Nou Camp on Friday (all the way across Barcelona), and it was even more impressive from up close. The picture a little farther down shows a night view of the church from downtown Barca.

The second floor balcony of the church would have provided great views of Barcelona if the weather had been better. There’s also a huge 5-tier amusement park wrapped around the base of the church, but it was so windy and cold I can’t see how the kids there could have had much fun.

Reflection of the tram

At the top of Tibidabo with Eda

During our descent from Tibidabo, we stopped at the CosmoCaixa, a fairly new interactive science museum. One day a month, all museums in Barcelona are free and luckily, today was that day. CosmoCaixa was kind of like the Liberty Science Center except more modern and awesome.

If his mother had been nearby, I don’t think she would have been too happy about him licking this huge block of ice!
I saw him do it the first time and immediately got my camera ready. I instinctively knew that, being a kid, he would be curious enough to do it again.

The night view of the lit up church on Tibidabo from Las Ramblas

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