Sunday, November 30, 2008

Museum Tour of Doqqi, Cairo Part 2

The second museum we went to in Doqqi was the Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoud Khalil Museum. It was a private collection of art made into a museum after the death of the owners. The collection included many fantastic works of art, including some Renoirs and even a Van Gogh!

Alas, no cameras were allowed inside so I could not visually share with all of you my visit to the museum. Here are pictures I took while walking between the Agricultural Museum and the Khalil Museum.

We find a very colorful street in the center of Doqqi with many fruit stands. It was much less hectic than the ones downtown where cars are flying by, and the danger of being run over is always evident.

This requires an explanation. While we were walking down the sidewalk, we witnessed this transaction, which included a wad of cash for a chainsaw, two axes, a hatchet, and (inside the bag) a long coil of rope. Sketchy!

Here is my first HDR of this interesting bank building.

Second HDR, I really bumped the contrast on this one.
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