Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alex Part 2

Alexandria, known locally as just "Alex," is situated on Egypt's Mediterranean coast and is well known for its incredible seafood. I had the greatest all-seafood meal of my life here, they gave us plate after plate after plate of shrimp, solefish, calamari, and various other types of seafood that I can't remember.

About 2/3 of the way through the meal. More plates would be stacked on top of this before everything was over.

Taken after the seafood meal. "Boat in an Alley"?

After the meal we headed over to one of Alexandria's many coffeehouses/shisha places near the water. This interesting old guy rolled up on his handpedal bike and his kleenex, but interestingly never tried to sell them to us, was just content to sit and watch.

After the old guy pedaled off, this guy rolled up in his fancy car and decided to park RIGHT NEXT TO US on the sidewalk. We were very confused as there were plenty of other empty places to park and yet he chose to nearly run us over to get the perfect spot.

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