Friday, October 24, 2008

Bond, James Bond! and Other Adventures

Right outside the Ibn Tulun mosque is the Gayer-Anderson Museum, named after a British officer stationed in Cairo who had an obscenely fantastic collection of random items. This, however, is not why the museum is famous.

The museum was used as a shooting location for the Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me." If anyone remembers the scene in which Bond is nearly assassinated by the man in the second floor window while he is distracted by the beautiful girl down below, you may find this room familiar:

This is the viewpoint of the assassin looking down at Bond.

This is taken from where Bond stood, looking up at the second shutter/window on the right, where the attempted assassin was.

After the Gayer-Anderson museum I ambled down a random street in Islamic Cairo, got bothered numerous times, nearly got run over by 6 different vehicles (this is more common than you might imagine), and ended up at the mosques of Al-Rifai and Sultan Hassan.

This is the inside of the mosque of Al-Rifai, which has incredibly high and detailed ceilings.

This is the beautiful mihrab (which indicates the way to Mecca) of Sultan Hassan.
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