Monday, October 13, 2008

St. Catherine's Monastery Day Two

After hiking down the mountain (actually, we didn't really use the switchbacks, just ran straight down in about 35 minutes), we went back to the monastery to see the things we had missed the day before.
For instance, the monastery is home to the legendary burning bush (a descendant of the original bush).

The Burning Bush is literally the MOST anti-climactic tourist attraction I have ever been to. Wowoweewaaw, it’s a bush…and it is not on fire.

Taken from the roof of the monastery after we visited the library.

View of the monastery from above.

Literally the craziest part of the whole monastery. They actually put the bones of all the monks that lived there into this house, the Charnel House, just outside the monastery walls, and separate the skulls, arm bones, leg bones, etc into different piles!
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