Monday, September 15, 2008

Second Week of Work

This week of work was nuts because 5000 students all showed up on Sunday and EVERYONE was lost/confused/angry etc. I was in charge of distributing maps and campus floor plans to all of the entrance points on the campus, but it seemed that people still had trouble finding their way around. Also, I interviewed students and wrote my first article about the student reaction to the opening of the new campus.

On Tuesday night we were invited to dinner at the house of the president of the university, David Arnold in honor of the post-doctoral fellows teaching at AUC and the presidential interns (us!). We mingled and whatnot for a while, then all went to get dinner. It turned out my friend Corey and I ended up at a table with a post-doctoral fellow specializing in some crazy pre-biotic science field and the president of our university, David Arnold. It was kind of surreal to be sitting at this table having basically one-on-one face time with a man of such considerable importance and intelligence, but I’m beginning to realize I’m really not in college anymore.

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