Monday, September 15, 2008

First Week of Work!

I work in an office with 11 women! For the first week of work, I mainly printed out signs and taped them up around campus to try and direct students and faculty where to go.

Here is a picture from the first day of work.

In my haste to update the blog, I forgot to mention my trip to the Egyptian Museum.
The whole experience is hard to describe, it’s a bit overwhelming to be in a place with so much history hastily thrown together in a variety of largely unmarked rooms. Only the Tutankhamen exhibit was easy to take in because the majority of the tour guides were concentrated in that area. Unfortunately the museum charges you for bringing in a camera so I didn’t bring mine. I’ll be going back at some point to see the separate exhibit of the Royal Mummies, which they charge more for.
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salah said...

wow thats nice to see an american citizen that like egyptian culture, i also appreciate ur writing about us.. and i will be glad too to stop at my blog , and we can exchange blog links and u can subscrime me too...waiting ur reply