Monday, September 15, 2008

Al-Azhar Park

On Wednesday we went to Al-Azhar Park, behind the famous mosque. It only cost 3 pounds (less than 60 cents) to get in, and it was a great way to enjoy the hazy smoggy sunset while we ate iftar on top of the hill. Here are the photos:

This is one of my top ten favorite pictures I have ever taken. I just wish it hadn't been so smoggy. I captured that bird perfectly completely by accident, but that happens a lot with photography.
The citadel
The fountain and the citadel.
A view from the top of the hill.
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Fred said...

Dude that picture is awesome, i kind of like the fact that its smoggy i think it adds to the picture. Also that bird looks suspiciously well fid

Jeff said...

oh Bertholt, you're probably right