Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to the Hyatt

On Thursday we went back to the Hyatt to have dinner in the revolving restaurant – another dinner on the University’s tab. I went straight from work so I didn’t have my camera. That night we went to the party at the house of a friend of one of the interns from last year, which was pretty fun. Interestingly, they had an ice luge which was effective for about 10 minutes in the Cairo heat (even at midnight).

On Friday we had an intern potluck dinner which we agreed made us all feel very old, but it was good food so no one complained. Went to bed relatively early Friday night because the next day I was going to…


Seph said...

Did you cook anything for the potluck?

Jeff said...

I brought bread and ice cream and oreos, all of which i slaved over a hot stove all day to make (yeah I just went to the store)

I have been cooking a lot of pasta though, I just have to learn to make good sauces now