Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eurotrip - San Martino to Rome

After the completion of the Sphinx, we half-heartedly turned our attention toward building the first pyramid. We rolled four large snowballs into one area and tried to slightly mold them together in the form of a pyramid, but it turned out to be considerably harder than it looked.

Our very half-hearted attempt at a pyramid. We built the sphinx too large anyway if we were going to do the whole thing to scale because the pyramids would have had to been MASSIVE.

At this point we were pretty much soaked through from the drizzle so we gave up and went inside to get dry.

That night we watched some crazy British detective shows and, later on, Into the Wild, but none of us really had the attention span to focus on the movie, so we ended up playing a drinking game with tiddlywinks and terrible Italian liquor. Much more fun and less depressing than the movie!

In the morning, it was off to the Asti station to catch a train to Rome.

Early morning view from the drive to the train station

Waiting for my train...

I had a six and a half hour ride along the Mediterranean and a 6-person car to myself. "M'Scuzi!"

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