Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dahab Part 3

After snorkeling, we hung out on beach chairs for a few hours while the waiters tried to sell us absurdly expensive drinks and food. I eventually got bored of my book and decided to hike up to the top of the nearby ridge.

This was an actual inscription in the wall of memorials of people who died at the blue hole while scuba diving. “Have a fun dive!”

This is an HDR of the small rock tunnel/crevice I climbed through to get up to the top.

View from the top of the ridge. The blue hole is over the first small ridge on the right.

That night we went back to “Quickly” for dinner and I had delicious shrimp and calamari spaghetti. After a great time in Dahab, we had no idea we were about to get on the bus ride from hell.

We boarded the bus at 11 pm and settled in for a nice night of sleep, but for the next 8 hours we were subjected to 3 full length Arabic musical movies being blasted at full volume. This, combined with being shoved into a tiny bus seat for 8 hours, made for one of the longest nights my life. All of that rest and relaxation that we had stored up from the trip dissipated in the loud cold bus.

Shot out of the window of the sunrise while we were coming into Cairo

When we finally got to Cairo, the bus driver dropped us off in Heliopolis, which is on the opposite end of the city from where we live. Immediately off the bus, weary travelers such as ourselves were faced with taxi drivers pulling bags out of their hands and yelling, “Taxi!? Taxi!!” in their faces. From experience I know that they only grow more insistent when ignored.
Rob and I pushed out way out of the bus station and then started walking down the street, bags in hand. Once we were far enough away from the station we got a taxi back to the dorm, arriving at 7:30 AM after a long night.

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Scott said...

haha that bus experience sounds ecuador i had the same thing with 2 back-to-back horrible arnold schwarzenegger-style movies starring a guy who looks like the russian boxer from Rocky IV, in russian with spanish subtitles, full volume. that was the least of my problems though...i was having some stomach issues and it was a 12 hour bus ride winding through the andes..