Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Cairo Campus in HDR

Here are some shots of AUC's New Cairo Campus, where I work, in full HDR.

AUC Library

Sky view from my office's balcony

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

View across the courtyard from the balcony next to my office


Julie said...

Really great pictures. It blows my mind to see that campus. When I arrived in Cairo in 1991 none of that existed. I spent some time hanging out at the old campus but never envisioned that they had it in them to build such a huge beautiful new one.

Emily said...

Your photos and tales of your experiences are fantastic!

Jeff said...

Thank you both! I have literally thousands of pictures to sort through and select a few to put up from my travels over the last few months.

AMA said...

These photos are really amazing. What did you shoot them on?
-A fellow Zamalek expat

Jeff said...

I shot them on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, which I just listed for sale on Cairo Scholars because I'm leaving Cairo for good at the end of the week. If you are interested, check out the post or let me know.