Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cairo's Friday Market in HDR

See above post for info and non-HDRs of the Friday Market.

Here is a steamroller that I came across while wandering around the market - it looks considerably more impressive in HDR.

The first in a series of HDR images of the horrifically unsafe Egyptian amusement park-esque rides for kids.

These would certainly fail every safety check in many other countries.

I don't even understand this one. It looks like a very tiny, very dangerous Egyptian take on the ferris wheel.


Faisal said...

Really love your HDR picture...

gwendolen said...

SOOO egyptian. My god they are crazy hehe

Mirna said...

so what if egypt was excatly like america? what if every country you visited was exactly like your own, would you have liked that? Why did you go to egypt then? isnt it for the different experience? You want I noticed in your pictures? That all people in egypt are smiling and content, and that is something hard to find in other countries. In egypt no matter how much they are faced with crisis, they still manage to smile and live a happy life. Not a sad life complaining about everything ;)

TareX said...

How inspiring. I've been inspired to take a walk in the dirtiest scum in NYC and post my photos in a blog where most readers don't know anything else about the city.