Friday, March 20, 2009

Zamalek at Sunset

By special request (and the fact that these were the first set of pictures I had not yet posted) here are some more pictures of Zamalek, the residential area where I live.

A few months back, I had gone about ten days (since the Dahab trip) without taking a single picture, so I was starting to get a little restless. On January 7th, a friend and I set out just before sunset to try and sneak up to the roof of an apartment building or another high point in Zamalek to get a better angle during the fading light. Unfortunately the bowaabs (doormen) were not having any of it and so we were confined to ground level.

Taken from the bridge connecting Zamalek and Agouza/Doqqi, looking South down (technically up!) the Nile.

"Let's go down to the waterline..."

This is actually looking from Zamalek across to Doqqi/Mohandessin on the other side of the Nile. probably a dead body. I'm just saying...

My favorite picture from this photo expedition.

More to come soon.


Julie said...

Great pics. I even got a glimpse of an old apartment I lived in for a while. Now that I'm an old (well, middle aged) lady in Florida it seems like my time in Cairo was a world away. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did.

Julie said...

RE the picture of the "dead body', once I was sitting at the Nile Hilton (I think) outside bar at sunset with my boyfriend and then a dead cow floated by!

travel junkie said...

wow! your pictures (on all of your blog) are amazing.

Happy Birthday!

I must admit i just came across your blog via and look forward to going back through some of your posts. i live in toronto and had the opportunity/pleasure to visit egypt in 2007 after years of dreaming about it. i'm very interested in finding out how i could potentially live/work in egypt for a year. reading about your everyday life there will be a way of seeing things from different perspective than a typical tourist.


Jeff said...

@Julie - a dead cow? seriously? that's amazing, I'll keep my eyes peeled

@travel junkie - thanks a lot!

just curious, how did you come across my blog? you said I came across your blog via...
I'm always interested in how people find it

Egypt is definitely in need of native English speakers - and the pay is really low but so are living expenses!

Covering Cairo said...

These shots of the Nile are fantastic! I just found your blog through...I think the Living In Egypt blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you think I can use your pics to post on my facebook page on Agouza? I will give you credit to all the pics of course.
Hope you enjoyed your stay in Cairo

Jeff said...

sure you can use the pictures as long as you paste in here where you put them up and reference where you got them!