Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Campus Visit/Dividing up the Intern Stash

The purpose of the visit to the old campus was to divide up the things that the former interns had left behind for us. For those of you that have seen the "D.B." episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Charlie and Frank take all the trash, this was just like that, only with 7 people (instead of 2) rooting through all the stuff looking for interesting things to find. I got an old chess board, a few things to put on my shelves, a few items for the kitchen, and a party game.

To make things even better, just like in the aforementioned episode, there was an Ali Baba sword!

The sword was given to the president by some billionaire in the Middle East.
Probably the coolest thing I've ever held. One of the perks of being a presidential intern.

Too bad we didn't get to keep it.
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